chapter  8
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Labour Markets In Vietnam: Developments Under The Economic Reform and Globalization

Introduction As one of the transitional economies from socialist planning economy to market economy, Vietnam has experienced many changes under the influence of economic reform and globalization. The development of the labour market has been a sensitive issue during the reform period and has been marked by institutional reforms at the macro level and changing employment relations at the enterprise level. In 1986 the Vietnamese government commenced reforms aimed at shifting from a centrally planned system to a market-oriented economy with a multi-sectoral economic structure and a multi-ownership system. This process, known as Doi Moi, has had a major effect on the economic and social fabric of Vietnam. While a body of literature has developed, there has been little research on how these economic changes have affected the formation and development of the labour market. In particular, there is a gap in the literature on the relationship between the new forms of economic structure and economic systems, including the diversity of ownership, and how the labour market and enterprises have developed and utilized their human resources.