chapter  11
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Implementing cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis

Issues and solutions
WithTania Lecomte, Claude Leclerc

This chapter discusses organizational barriers to implementing cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for psychosis and problems with the training of skilled CBT for psychosis therapists, using Canada as an example of barriers also found in other countries. It presents two opposing solutions to these barriers. The first solution is to suspend the implementation of CBT for psychosis until there are enough competent clinicians trained and there are enough funds to train them. The second solution is to modify and adapt current practices in CBT for psychosis in order to make them applicable by existing mental health clinicians with very little training. The literature on CBT for psychosis is showing enough strong results, notably the diminution of distress and reduction of delusions and hallucinations, to recommend it to be widely offered to persons living with psychosis. Some people with a first episode of psychosis have a long wait; this goes against evidenced-based recommendations.