chapter  2
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Using the Psychology of Men and Gender Role Confl ict Theory to Promote Comprehensive Service Delivery for College Men: A Call to Action

A call to action is made in this chapter to the student aff airs profession. We advocate for increased campus programming and services for men at colleges and universities. Services and programs for men have not been institutionalized very well in student aff airs and higher education. Limited theory and research on men and denial about men’s problems have inhibited comprehensive service delivery for men. We critically evaluate the status of men’s services in higher education and conclude that a need exists for more expansive programs for men. Moreover, we present theory and research from the psychology of men that justifi es these programs. A new conceptual model is presented to explain relationships between college student development theory and the psychology of men. Another model depicts a systematic way to do campus programming and includes 30 thematic areas for psychoeducational programming for men. These models are designed to foster greater campus programming for men and promote more activism by student aff airs professionals in delivering these services.