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To preserve continuity, however, we shall, in passing, also deal with certain technical questions relating to currency and credit, although, strictly speaking, these belong to the next section, which is devoted to applied economics. Meanwhile, it is to be noted that we are concerned here only with one part or phase of the extensive field of credit; namely that which is indissolubly bound up with money, in so far as credit forms, in common parlance, a substitute for ready money (or, as we prefer to express it, a means of accelerating the real or virtual velocity of circulation of money-since, for the present, we mean by money only metallic money). The other phases of credit will be more suitably treated in the various sections on practical economics-e.g. under agriculture and industry (agricultural and industrial credit) and especially under trade ; for not only does trade regularly employ credit, but it also has a special branch which consists of trade in credit; dealing in shares, the issuing system, and the stock exchange, with which a large part of banking is concerned.