chapter  5
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The epidemiology of cluttering with stuttering: Peter Howell and Stephen Davis


There are two schools of thought on the relationship between cluttering and stuttering. The first is that cluttering and stuttering are related disorders (Freund, 1934; Hunt, 1870; Preus, 1973; Weiss, 1964). One such theory is that cluttering may lead to stuttering, or as Weiss put it ‘stuttering may have its roots in cluttering’ (1964, p. 5). In support of this, he cited early work by Freund (1934) and himself (Weiss, 1936). Elsewhere in his monograph, Weiss (1964) referred to the work of Hunt (1870), who maintained that cluttering precedes stuttering. This is also consistent with the view that cluttering can change into stuttering.