chapter  17
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Cluttering in the academic curriculum: John A. Tetnowski and Jill Douglass


A review of the largest on-line booksellers reveals at least 51 textbooks have been published on the topic of stuttering. Of the top 20 textbooks likely to be used as a textbook for a graduate course in fluency disorders (this was determined by eliminating biographies on stuttering, research on a single topic of fluency, books over 20 years old, and workbooks on a single philosophy), 6 of the texts have a single chapter related specifically to cluttering, and 3 more have a chapter on ‘related fluency disorders’, of which cluttering is a partial theme. In addition, a relatively new textbook on stuttering and cluttering devotes two chapters to cluttering (Ward, 2006). From this informal review, it is apparent that cluttering is a topic that most authors consider appropriate for inclusion in a course devoted to fluency disorders.