chapter  9
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Spirituality and Religion: Through the Eyes of the “Hidden Educators”

ByEducators” Christy Moran Craft

For that reason, many scholars have recently attempted to diff erentiate between the two concepts. Royce-Davis and Stewart describe spirituality as “an internal phenomenon addressing issues such as the search for a sense of meaning and purpose in one’s life, establishment of an intrinsically held value system that determines behavior, and participation in a community of shared values.”3 Spirituality also includes a desire for and the perception of connection to something greater than the self, such as a higher power.4 Conversely, the word religion refers to “an organized set of doctrines around faith beliefs within an organization.”5 These beliefs serve as moral guides and are usually concerned with issues surrounding the origins of life, right and wrong behavior, and assumptions about an afterlife. Nash, while recognizing a distinction between spirituality and religion, believes that the concepts are “interchangeable parts of the same experience,” and thus, prefers the use of the term religio-spirituality.6