chapter  12
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Exploring Spiritual Engagement at Secular Knox College

ByLouisa Sue Hulett

In this chapter I investigate the nature, intensity, and impact of the religious and spiritual engagement of Knox students in order to discern their attitudes toward fi nding meaning and purpose in life as they defi ne and pursue their spirituality and value systems.1 I examine the nature of the division between the religious, the spiritual, and the “neither religious nor spiritual” students here and the extent to which Knox empowers adherents of diverse faiths to share equally in college spaces allocated for various identity groups-like those based on gender, ethnicity, and other orientations. I focus on the journey of religious and spiritual students as they adapt to secular colleges. Since this encounter may be a mix of appreciation and discontent, I survey student (and faculty) perspectives on the degree of religion-friendliness at Knox. Finally, after comparing our religious/spiritual profi le with peer institutions and the general population, I draw conclusions about why Knox sometimes diff ers sharply from profi les of other colleges.