chapter  2
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Taking the Tournament of Worldviews Seriously in Education: Why Teaching about Religion Is Not Enough

ByPerry L. Glanzer

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of scholarly eff orts to address the role of religion in public education. Various authors such as Charles Haynes, Oliver Thomas, Warren Nord, Nel Noddings, Martin Marty, Robert Nash, and James Sears have set forth reasons why educators should appropriately integrate religion into the public school curriculum and how they should go about doing it.1 Although I agree with much in these scholars’ works, I believe their focus needs to be broadened. Instead of discussing how educators can teach about religion, I propose that teacher education and training should focus fi rst on how worldviews or narratives2 shape educators, curriculum, and knowledge. When teachers understand this infl uence, I argue, they will be equipped to think critically about worldview diff erences and to demonstrate justice toward diff erent worldviews.