chapter  3
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Teaching Spirituality in Public Higher Education

ByC. Carney Strange, Judy L. Rogers

As the above words attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew remind us, our world indeed is sometimes divided between two very diff erent obligations-those belonging to God and the church and those belonging to Caesar and the state. Such a distinction is one with a long history in American higher education. Although church and state were, in eff ect, one and the same in most colleges and universities until well into the nineteenth century, events of the modern era have drawn more carefully the line that separates them, and for very important reasons. It is politically wise to distinguish one from the other, and for some it is a matter of survival. Furthermore, over time many a Caesar has perpetrated evil on the oppressed in the name of God. To equate the authority of religion with the authority of the state may construct a dangerous path, as our own history has witnessed.