chapter  7
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From mass to networked communication: Gustavo Cardoso


This paper argues that one can identify a number of changes in the context of communication in our societies and that those changes can be interpreted in the light of the emergence of a new communication model: a model that is no longer based on the idea of ‘mass’ but one of ‘network’. In addition to the structural change and the forces that shape it, one can also identify a set of contextual changes that are, at times, the result of appropriation of this new networked communication model and, at other times, a manifestation of the very development of a new media system with a new identity. On the following pages I will enumerate the main characteristics of this new communication model (Cardoso, 2008) and also highlight, amongst other things, what are considered to be the main manifestations of change of context or, if we prefer, of present futures, in the context of communication, its technologies, appropriations and uses.