chapter  9
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An integrated approach to music in the curriculum


Making links between music and other areas/subjects of the curriculum has sometimes been a cause of heated debate. Some see it as helping to broaden the range of musical experiences available to young people, while others think that cross-curricular links dilute the importance of music as a subject in its own right. However, making these links does not inevitably mean that music is relegated to being the servant of the other subjects – the sort of scenario in which children learn songs about historical events or the value of the environment without actually

learning to sing any better. As long as the musical goals are clear, cross-curricular links can enhance children’s understanding of music and make it more relevant. This general principle is reflected in the Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum (DCSF 2009) which states that subjects will be complemented by worthwhile and challenging cross-curricular studies that provide ample opportunities for children to use and apply their subject knowledge and skills to deepen understanding (ibid.: 10).