chapter  16
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The colour of rainbows: The advent of post-postmodernity and the notion of forgiveness


Among the early psychoanalysts at the beginning of the last century, Otto Gross stands out as the originator of the idea that sexual revolutions are a psychoanalytic concern. At the same time, he endeavoured to live a life that was to sexually liberate himself and his partners. Towards the end of his days, however, he was expressing a need for forgiveness. I quote from an undated letter to his wife Frieda:

Frieda, (I know now that) I have always concentrated on others, on what they were lacking and how to help them, but I never focused on myself. Only the awareness of my own irredeemable guilt (towards you) and the experience of complete powerlessness in this regard, has led me now to look at myself (and my effect on others) . . . You have suffered so much, Frieda, through me and I had never thought to look within myself for the reasons.