chapter  9
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The Gezira Scheme: production of cotton and the repro- duction of underdevelopment

ByTony Barnett

On the whole Frank concentrates his analysis on Chile and Brazil. In both these areas we are faced with a very specific form of colonization. It is a form of settler colonization akin perhaps to the cases of Australia and New Zealand. In such cases, the indigenous population is reduced to insignificance, and the society is in essence a settler colony. In such examples, it is not difficult to see how the historical process of underdevelopment could occur, and more importantly, continue. It is a case of the exertion of total coercion, resulting, in many cases, in the virtual extermination of any indigenous population. This initial exercise of naked force is then followed by the construction of a new social and economic structure, which entirely serves as a satellite of the colonizing society.