chapter  5
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Coping and Adapting to Developmental Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities Using a Patient Education Tool in Family Therapy

This handout is used in the first stage of therapy as a tool for assessment, treatment planning, and intervention. The information on the handout reminds therapists of important issues to look for in assessing the reciprocal impact of illness and/or disability and the life cycle. As a psychoeducational handout, it is provided to assist patients and their families in understanding the interplay among individual and family developmental stage and illness and disability. It is also helpful in stimulating discussion among family members and with the therapist about their experiences. These discussions can allow for important perceptions and emotional experiences for both family members and therapists. Therapists are better able to assess where the patient and family members are in their adaptation to the illness and to then facilitate growth through altered perceptions, expectations, experiences, and/or behaviors.