chapter  7
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Positive and Negative Feelings Boxes

This activity can be used with any family member coping with an illness, trauma, or disability of another family member. It can be used as an intervention in one session or throughout treatment.

Rationale for Use Being a family member of a loved one who suffers from an illness, trauma, or disability can

be difficult and is associated with many emotions, both positive and negative in nature. Family members may feel frustrated, angry, disappointed, helpless, or stressed, as well as feel joy about having the ill or disabled person in their lives. A wide range of emotions may surface because of the possible changes in roles associated with the illness or disability, such as the additional parental demands of caring for a child with a disability. Medical care for a family member with an illness or disability can pose a tremendous threat to healthy family functioning and can be associated with high financial and emotional demands. The duties of caring for a loved one in need can be associated with feelings of burn out and guilt at not being as effective a caregiver as deemed necessary.