chapter  13
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Why Is My Kid Doing This and What Can I Do? Facilitating Family Problem Solving Using Scatterplots

Parents of any child are faced with challenges as the child and family go through typical stages of development. Families of children with developmental disabilities are often faced with unique, complex challenges. These children often experience medical difficulties ranging from acute and life threatening to chronic and multiply handicapping. Parents carry out medical, behavioral, educational, and analytic functions as they care for these children, often with very little training or prior experience in these domains. Developmental delays these children exhibit can include delayed or completely missed developmental milestones, with sitting unassisted, pulling to stand, and first words coming much later than for others, or not at all. Behavioral problems can occur when medical and developmental differences converge and the child’s world becomes more complex. These problems can include feeding problems, disordered sleep, selfinjury, aggression, property destruction, self-stimulation, enuresis, encopresis, vomiting, rumination, and others-and can themselves have medical consequences. Parents of typically developing children sometimes feel overtaxed. Families of children with developmental disabilities can feel completely bewildered.