chapter  22
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Women Caring for Partners with Dementia: A Contextual Model

ByChristine A. Fruhauf Jennifer T. Aberle

The objective of this assessment model is to provide a basis for intervention to support women caregivers. Specifically, this model emphasizes the variables pertinent to women caring for partners with dementia or a form of dementia (i.e., Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders). This contextual model provides therapists with a broad understanding of the important issues that may directly influence clients’ well-being and presenting therapeutic issues. Underlying this model is the belief that good therapy and support include comprehensive, sensitive, and contextual assessment of the client’s worldview and meaning-making practices. By assessing wellbeing throughout the therapeutic process, therapists offer a client-centered intervention that respects differences and takes into account a wide range of approaches in easing clients’ stress, depression, mental strain, and other presenting problems of women caregivers.