chapter  29
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Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Lori Marie Figueroa, David R. Miller

ByLori Marie Figueroa David R. Miller

Children experience anxiety, as do adults, but with different images and less developed ways of dealing with their fear. Children experience panic attacks because of school pressures and family problems. The death of a close family member, such as a grandparent, can create anxiety pressures that children are unable to deal with and could result in long-term psychological problems or even physical illness. Although children can understand what fear is, expect them to be unaware of how unresolved fear can hurt them and what they can do to feel better. Fear is common in the Bible. Even Jesus experienced a brief period of what we understand to be fear just before his crucifixion. Through a more complete understanding of the love of God, many children can have their anxiety reduced and thereby begin to feel better.