chapter  35
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All About Suicide: David R.Miller, Philip J. Henry

ByDavid R. Miller Philip J. Henry

One of the most anxiety-producing experiences for any therapist is realizing that a client is or may be self-destructive. A client may exhibit overt signs, including suicidal thinking and comments, note or letter writing with a self-destructive theme, giving away important possessions, breaking off important relationships, and active suicidal planning. Covert signs of suicidal intention include risky, dangerous, or “thrill-seeking” behavior; careless sexual activities; and addictions. At these times, a client will have diminished capacity to think clearly and problemsolve along with great ambivalence about life and death. Spiritually, the person may feel under assault, threatened, attacked, and, most of all, distant from God. This exercise will provide the counselor with diagnostic tools and therapeutic remedies to help the suicidal client.