chapter  38
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Content-Based Instruction and Vocabulary Learning

Content-based instruction involves the learning of language while studying content matter subjects such as mathematics, science, English literature, and technology. It is also known as teaching language through the curriculum and sustained-content language teaching (SCLT). Typically, the subject matter of English teaching courses consists of a variety of topics or themes selected to be interesting or generally useful for the language learners (Cook, 1983). In content-based instruction however, the learners are studying the content as a part of their normal education, and as well as learning the content matter they need to increase their English proficiency. In Malaysia, for example, mathematics and science are taught in English in the secondary schools with the two goals of the learners learning mathematics and science, and becoming proficient in both the receptive and productive use of English in an academic setting. In other subject areas in Malaysia, study is done in the first language.