chapter  7
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Qualitative Methodologies for Studying Small Groups

ByR. Keith Sawyer (Washington University, St. Louis)

INTRODUCTION In a collaborative learning environment, students o en talk to each other as they construct knowledge together. Collaborative learning environments o en go by names such as project-based learning (Krajcik & Blumenfeld, 2006), problem-based learning (Hmelo-Silver & DeSimone, chapter 21 this volume), or inquiry-based learning (e.g., Slotta & Linn, 2009; Wells & Arauz, 2006). e teacher works closely with student groups to provide appropriate support and necessary information about relevant facts and procedures as they work to solve problems or to pursue project goals. e teacher o en facilitates or channels the discussion, but if students are collaborating e ectively an experienced teacher may realize that the best thing to do is to stay silent.