chapter  20
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e Group Investigation Approach to Cooperative Learning Technological University, Singapore)

ByShlomo Sharan (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Yael Sharan (GRIP-Group Investigation Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel), and Ivy Geok-chin Tan (Nanyang

INTRODUCTION Cooperative learning is a generic approach to teaching that has spawned a variety of methods to facilitate learning together in small groups so that everyone can participate in and contribute to attaining the group’s goal. As students and teachers gain con - dence in the practice of cooperative learning (CL), teachers introduce methods which call for increasingly diverse and complex learning skills and interaction among learners. One of these methods is Group Investigation (GI), where the content of the inquiry is determined in varying degrees by the diversity of students’ interests, experiences, and knowledge (S. Sharan & Hertz-Lazarowitz, 1980; Y. Sharan & S. Sharan, 1992, 1999; elen, 1960, 1981).