chapter  26
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Metacognition and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Research on metacognition evolved from seminal papers by Hart and Flavell (Schwartz & Perfect, 2010; Winne & Nesbit, 2010). Hart (1965, 1967) investigated whether people could judge accurately what they know. He asked people questions about common knowledge. If they could not recall the answer, he asked them to estimate the likelihood they would recognize the answer among options in a multiple-choice question. In general, people were quite good at these tasks. Flavell (1971, 1979) urged investigations into what people perceived about (a) their memories and (b) operations they used to remember. He further theorized that people could inspect features of their knowledge, tasks they undertook, and methods for working on tasks. With information gleaned from these metacognitive activities and feedback about di erences between goals and plans, he conjectured that people could choose or create more e ective methods for making progress.