chapter  5
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Finding Safety in Dangerous Places

ByJason Duque Raley

I stop for a cup of coffee at the cart outside my department. A sunny daythere are lots of those in this stretch of the California coast-with blossoms and birds and foot traffic. A prospective graduate student waves from some distance off, quickens pace and arrives to face me. We have talked before about his interest in education and indigenous peoples. A handshake and warm greetings. Then something like this: I asked around after our meeting last week, he starts. People say you do micro stuff. I think I’m interested in more macro issues, so . . . I don’t know. Are you micro? Or macro? Although unusually rushed, my response still managed to be opaque in all the usual ways. How does one say, Yes, neither one, both?1 This chapter is an effort to improve my reply.