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Field/work techniques

The chapters which constitute ‘Field/work techniques’ are concerned with the per-

ceived gap between architectural representation and construction, between the

office and the building site, the conventions of notation and the seemingly infinite

blur of the late modern city. Throughout this section there is a prevailing sense of

loss in the face of this disjunction. In that loss, there is a requirement to remember,

borrow and invent, to identify techniques and strategies in order to regain ground and

restore significance to the embodied experience of the architect in the site. And the

site in question has expanded far beyond its more recent classification, as the foot-

print or the building plot, to comprise the myriad concerns of lived experience:

spatial, temporal, historical, cultural and environmental. It is a field of material and

immaterial influences and the role of the architect is increasingly acknowledged as

that of navigation over construction.