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Networked Equality: Technology and Access A discussion between Omar Wasow and Ethan Zuckerman moderated by Brian Sholis

One of the greatest promises of the Internet is its ability to connect people across geographically

distant locales and incongruous cultures; one of the most fatuous myths associated with it is

that its technology, alone, will be able to usher in a globalized world. Like anything else, the

Web is what people make of it. Tim Berners-Lee, the British engineer and scientist credited with

its founding, said recently: “We don’t look at [the Web] anymore as connected computers or as

connected Web pages. We look at the Web now as humanity connected. Humanity connected by

technology.”1 The “wow” factor of the Web is gone; what we have now is a vibrant, complex new

public realm that reflects international society, in all its varied wisdom and possibility, and its

bad behavior as well.