chapter  3
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Commodities, Exchange, Waste and Obsolescence

The aim of these lessons is to examine art practices that utilize, critique, and/or question systems

of value, specifically those involving material cultural. Through the acts of rituals, preservation,

distribution, and exchange, cultural, national, and even global values are determined. Addressing

the prescribed values we place on objects, actions, places, and people, this chapter examines

the prejudices and biases we construct around notions of authorship and authenticity. How is

value created? Who determines and upholds values? What repercussions occur when a value

system is disturbed or obliterated? Students will understand the formation of value in material

cultural and its cultural significance to national identity. Through systems of exchange, secondary

use designs, and documentation, artists within this chapter bring awareness to our existing

relationship to material cultural and provide a new way to consider the production of art.