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Hasan Elahi

June 19, 2002, from an overseas trip, the Bangladesh-born Elahi was stopped by immigration

authorities and led to an Immigration and Naturalization Service detention room for questioning

by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Elahi has since been repeatedly interrogated by the

FBI as a terrorist suspect, and although he has passed nine lie-detector tests and was verbally

“cleared,” he was asked to check in with the FBI prior to each of his departures until further

notice. The first interrogation changed the artist’s life. Since his art practice was already focused

on technology and the tinkering of its mechanics, Elahi shifted his attention to his role as

subject, and began to develop his own self-surveillance technology in order to both question the

government’s overzealous scrutiny in the name of protecting American democracy, and to address

issues of race, ethnicity, immigration, and citizenship.