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Lisa Sigal

Tyvek, and paint, Sigal makes works that are conceptually driven, acting as narratives that tell

Woman’s Balcony (2008) is one of the many site-specific works by the artist. Located in

the cavernous, military-green-painted, brick Drill Hall of the Park Street Armory in New York,

Woman’s Balcony is an abstract commentary on the history of women in the building. The

balcony is a manifestation of the marginalized position of women in relation to the building

and its use, since historically the balcony-viewing box is the only place women would have

been allowed to watch the military drills that took place in the hall. Using the “architecture

of the Armory to talk about the invisible code written in the structure of the building,”2 Sigal

painted many of the closed windows in cool and sometimes muted tones. A third-floor window,

where there is an active women’s shelter painted in orange, prompts another view of the

painting and an opportunity to be within the work. Woman’s Balcony is a diagram that connects

the hall’s history to its present.