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Haegue Yang

Located in an abandoned property in Incheon, a satellite city of Seoul, Haegue Yang’s Sadong 30

(2006) resuscitates a derelict home to create a personal encounter, or a kind of journey for her

audience. It was in fact her grandmother’s home, hastily abandoned and then ignored for nearly

a decade. After selectively cleaning the space, Yang reintroduced electricity to the property to

reconnect it to the world around it, to restart it as a living space and to install small vignettes to

suggest the memories still inhabiting the space. Inside, a single bulb hangs just above the floor,

illuminating colorful geometric origami constructions lingering among a pile of wood, broken glass,

strands of lights. In what must be the bedroom, a decaying mattress lies amid fallen wallpaper, a

light on a stand, more origami objects, a covered drying rack. A fan blows a light breeze in another

room, the speed of its oscillations distorted by a pulsing strobe light.