chapter  9
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Enhancing Individual Responsibility in Higher Education: Embracing Ethical eory in Professional Decision- Making Frameworks


How should we resolve ethical problems on college and university campuses? By resolving diculties professionally with students, among faculty, or with administrators across departmental and collegiate units, campus change for the good can occur. What type of professional decision-making framework would enable such conicting groups and individuals to meet their ethical obligations and responsibilities? What is the structure of these frameworks? How does traditional applied ethical theory, used in such frameworks, assist us in resolving these conicts? is approach involves using applied philosophy in a deliberative fashion, as has been used in other professions, such as medicine, business, or law, for the past forty years. Addressing these types of ethical concerns, as they relate to the emerging eld of academic ethics (May 1990; Moore 2008; Shils 1983), comprises the rationale for this chapter. To begin, the meaning of ethics is oen elusive.