chapter  12
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Treating Complicated Grief: Converging Approaches: M. Katherine Shear, Paul A. Boelen, and Robert A. Neimeyer

T he death of someone close is one of the most dreaded events in the lives of most people. A painful period of acute grief typically ensues, dominat-ing the life of a bereaved person, bringing considerable emotional anguish and a desire to retreat from ordinary life. Nevertheless, most people –nd a way to come to terms with the loss, accept its permanence, and restore a capacity for joy and satisfaction without needing professional help (Bonanno, Wortman, & Nesse, 2004; Currier, Neimeyer, & Berman, 2008). Through a natural integrating process, symptom intensity diminishes and grief recedes to the background. However, for a notable minority of about 10% of bereaved people, grief is complicated.