chapter  26
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Culture and Ethnicity in Experiencing, Policing, and Handling Grief: Dennis Klass and Amy Yin Man Chow

O ur assignment in this chapter is to think about grief in terms of culture and ethnicity. After de–ning these terms, we discuss grief’s relationship to culture and ethnicity within three general themes. First we note that that bereavement is experienced within a cultural framework, even at the level of words. We show, for example, that introducing Chinese words for grief was a key part of the movement to bring Western understandings of grief into Chinese culture. Second, we show that culture polices grief, especially with rules about how the emotions of grief may be expressed and how continuing bonds with the dead are to be managed. Third, we discuss how culture affects the ways the bereaved handle grief, that is, how coping styles and grief trajectories may be different in different cultural settings.