chapter  27
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Religion and Spirituality in Adjusting to Bereavement: Grief as Burden, Grief as Gift: Crystal L. Park and Roshi Joan Halifax

B oth religion-spirituality and death play central roles in the human expe-rience (Wuthnow, Christiano, & Kuzlowski, 1980). Accordingly, religious traditions and academic disciplines such as theology and philosophy have long featured death as a central theme, and have long considered ways to deal with the burden of grief, which is an unavoidable aspect of existence. Grief refers to the deep sorrow following signi–cant losses, the experience of mourning. This burden is the psychological weight experienced by the loss of a loved one, the loss of identity or status, the loss of relationship, the loss of place or thing, and the loss of capacity. These are the –ve great territories of grief (Halifax, 2008).