chapter  3
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Developing Safe, Supportive, and Eff ective Schools: Facilitating Student Success to Reduce School Violence

A safe and eff ective school framework aligns school safety, student support, and academic achievement across individual, classroom, school, and ideally, community levels. The risk and protective factors for academic, social, and behavioral problems are often intertwined; thus, interventions that target one domain frequently impact other domains. This chapter describes a comprehensive three-level approach to align student support, school safety, and academic achievement. The fi rst section provides an overview of the connections between and among student support, school safety, and academic achievement. The second section provides the conceptual underpinnings for implementing and a comprehensive approach. The fi nal section provides a brief description of how to apply this model to students and schools that have diff erent needs and strengths. Creating safe, supportive, and eff ective schools will reduce school violence.