chapter  11
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Juvenile Delinquency in Cyprus: The Role of Gender, Ethnicity, and Family Status

ByErnestina Sismani Papacosta

This chapter provides an overview of the phenomenon of female juvenile delinquency in the secondary school system in Cyprus together with recommendations for eff ective preventive school-based interventions. A contextual-developmental model, emphasizing the importance of the dynamic environment, is used as a conceptual framework to facilitate understanding of the complex phenomenon of school violence, and in particular the role of gender, ethnicity and family status. Research from the International Self-Reported Delinquency Study-2 (ISRD-II: European Project in the context of Daphne) is discussed to examine the extent of the phenomenon of female delinquency in secondary schools in Cyprus. A description of the implementation and evaluation of a preventive community program is provided, and recommendations for eff ective psycho-educational interventions within the secondary school are described.