chapter  12
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A Synthetic Approach for the Study of Aggression and Violence in Greek Schools

ByChryse Hatzichristou, Fotini Polychroni, Philia Issari, Theodora Yfanti

School violence has attracted a great deal of attention around the world leading to a signifi cant increase in the number of empirical studies, as well as a variety of public responses, initiatives, and programs directed to tackle and prevent the problem of violence in schools. This chapter aims to contribute to the existing knowledge, both theoretically and empirically, concerning current defi nitional and conceptual issues arising in the international, European, and Greek literature on aspects of school violence. Following a concise review of relevant literature, this chapter presents results from four empirical studies conducted in the Greek educational context. The importance of the individual and system levels in the research on school violence and the implications for practice regarding the prevention of school violence in Greek schools are also discussed. The chapter also presents a synthetic framework proposed to be applied to Greek schools.