chapter  16
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Monitoring School Violence in Israel, National Studies and Beyond: Implications for Theory, Practice, and Policy

ByRami Benbenishty, Ron Avi Astor

This chapter describes an ongoing study of school violence that consists of a series of waves of national data collection in Israel. The chapter presents the unique methodological characteristics of the study including its large, representative, and nested sample, extensive and detailed instruments for multiple constituents (students, teachers, and principals) and multilevel analyses. The overall focus is on monitoring of school violence and climate and the continuous feedback to help use this information to prevent school violence. The chapter presents several examples of the ways in which a national monitoring study impacted the professional and public discourse. Finally, the chapter describes how a national study based on a sample led to a monitoring system that is implemented in all primary and junior high schools. This unique system integrates monitoring of academic outcomes and school climate and violence. The implications of these developments for school reform and continuous improvement are discussed.