chapter  19
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Evidence-Based Standards and Methodological Issues in School Violence and Related Prevention Research in Education and the Allied Disciplines

ByMatthew J. Mayer

Standards for evidence-based research across education and allied social and behavioral disciplines are examined, with connections to research in school violence prevention and school safety promotion. The fi rst section summarizes recent evidence-based developments across these allied disciplines, followed by an overview of major nongovernmental evidence-based organizations. Next, recent and emerging evidence-based protocols are examined. The fourth section discusses critical issues that cut across allied disciplines, including reviews of protocols and evidence-based clearinghouses, types and hierarchies of evidence debates, effi cacy/eff ectiveness research, translational research, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, developmental issues, manualized treatments and adaptability, and journal constraints for research manuscripts. The fi nal section considers overall implications for current and future research, policy, and practice in school violence prevention research.