chapter  21
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Using Self-Report Anger Assessments in School Settings

ByDouglas C. Smith, Michael J. Furlong, Peter Boman, Victoria Gonzalez

Students who experience high levels of anger both in and out of school are at risk for exhibiting multiple negative developmental outcomes including poor school performance, peer problems, behavioral diffi culties, and concurrent emotional distress. Given this developmental trajectory, it is important for mental health professionals working within school settings to accurately identify those students manifesting anger-related problems at an early age. This chapter provides an overview of instruments designed to assess levels of anger and associated cognitive and behavioral manifestations in children and youth. Among those instruments highlighted is the Multidimensional School Anger Inventory (MSAI) specifi cally designed to measure anger, hostility, and aggressive behavioral expression in school settings. The role of anger assessment in developing appropriate early intervention and anger management treatment plans is also discussed.