chapter  24
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Gauging the System: Trends in School Climate Measurement and Intervention

ByMeagan O’Malley, Kristin Katz, Tyler L. Renshaw, and Michael J. Furlong

Researchers and educators are giving increasing scrutiny to systems-level constructs that contribute to safe, supportive, and eff ective schools, including school climate. School climate is a multifaceted construct that is commonly conceptualized as school community members’ subjective experiences of the structural and contextual elements of a particular school. Although all schools strive to provide a caring and supportive school climate, climate itself is not the ultimate objective. Rather, climate conditions facilitate students’ physical and emotional safety, academic success, social engagement, and personal wellbeing. This chapter fi rst discusses school climate defi nition and measurement issues. It then examines what is currently known about the positive correlates of school climate and off ers guidance and strategies to assess climate at the school level.