chapter  26
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Critical Characteristics of Eff ective Bullying Prevention Programs

ByRichard J. Hazler and JoLynn V. Carney

Eff ective bullying prevention and intervention programs are primarily determined by orderly implementation of three critical program themes and fi ve program stages. This chapter describes the concepts and implementation of the three themes: (a) a social-ecological perspective involving everyone in their unique environment, (b) reducing isolation of people and ideas, and (c) empathic involvement of all parties, including bystanders as well as bullies and victims. A program is not simply a group of actions to be taken, it also requires sequential implementation of critical stages. Initial awareness building is an important fi rst step, to energize individuals and groups. This foundation and energy is preparation for eff ective policy development and then skill development. The fi nal stages emphasize long-term success through continuing involvement in conjunction with regular assessment and program adjustment to recognize and refl ect changing circumstances.