chapter  33
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School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Proven Practices and Future Directions: Jeffrey R. Sprague and Robert H. Horner

ByJeff rey R. Sprague and Robert H. Horner

This chapter describes the features of a schoolwide system for positive behavior interventions and supports. Implementation steps are discussed to build both a positive schoolwide social culture, and the capacity to support individual students with more intense support needs. This chapter highlights that (a) problem behavior in schools is both a signifi cant social challenge and a barrier to eff ective learning, (b) traditional “get tough” strategies have not proven eff ective, (c) the foundation for all behavior support in schools begins with establishing a positive social culture by defi ning, teaching and rewarding appropriate behaviors, (d) additional behavior support procedures based on behavior analysis principles are needed for children with more intense behavior support needs, and (e) school personnel are demonstrating both the ability to collect and use quality improvement data systems, and the value of those systems for improving schools.