chapter  43
13 Pages

Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Anger and Aggression: The Coping Power Program

ByJohn E. Lochman, Caroline L. Boxmeyer, Nicole P. Powell

This chapter provides an overview of anger and aggression problems in children, and a contextual social-cognitive model that encompasses a set of family, peer, school, and child risk factors that are associated with the expression of childhood aggression. Coping Power, a school-based cognitive intervention based on this model, is described, and its major aims are listed and summarized. Effi cacy and eff ectiveness studies of this program in school settings are summarized, indicating the program’s ability to reduce youths’ delinquency, substance use, and aggressive behavior in school settings at the time of follow-ups. Challenges and implementation issues are discussed, including the length of intervention needed to have a notable impact, diffi culty engaging parents in school-based interventions, and the need for intensive training of the staff who will implement the program.