chapter  2
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Making the Case for an International Perspective on School Violence: Implications for Theory, Research, Policy, and Assessment

ByRami Benbenishty, Ron Avi Astor

Based on review of empirical data on school violence internationally, the present chapter proposes a global perspective. Cross-country comparisons could help gain a perspective on how extreme the school safety situation is in a given country. Further, a cross-cultural perspective of school violence provides a rich source of insights about eff ective policies and interventions. Theories advanced to explain school violence in one culture can inform and stimulate comparative research in other countries to examine theoretical issues such as the relative infl uence of student characteristics and school context on victimization and perpetration of school violence. Finally, the chapter proposes an international study on school violence, discusses conceptual and methodological challenges in such a global collaboration, and suggests ways to overcome these challenges.