chapter  5
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Destination-Based Total Quality Management

In contrast to the emerging number of studies on quality measurement and total quality management (TQM) in tourism and hospitality settings, there is very little attention give to their application in a destination context. As we know, quality management (the practice of TQM) aims for sustaining an ongoing (continuous) improvement of the standard of facilities, products and services provided. Ideally, this should also be the aim of a destination management organization in charge of managing sources, marketing products and setting policies. In the light of these statements, it is possible to suggest the practice of destintation-based total quality management (D-TQM) as a signifi cant contribution to the management of destinations in improving the quality of service provision. In addition, because the subsequent impact is expected to lead to an increase in the market share, this also would help to maintain the competitiveness of a destination in the international arena. Therefore, this chapter aims to emphasize the signifi cance of quality management in successful improvement of the performance of tourist destinations and to design a tentative model of D-TQM, particularly suitable for the sustainable development of tourist destinations, as well as application suggestions.