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Part 2 Conclusion: Post-War Visions

It is an important continuing objective of British broadcasting that the programmes should be firmly British in character, and should, by reflecting our national environment and characteristics, have the effect of encouraging and consolidating listeners in their feeling for British speech, culture and institutions. This implies a steady, friendly resistance to foreign influences and particularly to the Americanisation of our programmes. During the war there has been a considerable infiltration of American entertainment, which as a temporary phenomenon is welcome and legitimate; and genuine American entertainment of the highest quality will always, I hope, be able to find a place in our programmes. But the byproduct of this wartime vogue have not been so welcome – sham American entertainment produced in Britain, the unnecessary use of American slang, crooning in spurious American accents, and the pursuit of American idioms, sentiments, and rhythms. The reaction on our part should be positive and constructive, aiming at the establishment of authentic British entertainment, native idioms and accents and the best possible use of the richnesses of our own ways of expression. I would like all output departments to consider the problem and, where appropriate, make proposals.