chapter  2
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The bifurcation of contemporary psychoanalysis: Lacan and Winnicott

ByLacan and Winnicott ANDRÉ GREEN

After having opposed the names of Lacan and Winnicott, today it is frequent to bring them together. Having witnessed the ascension of each myself, I had the opportunity to observe these two authors evolving, each in his own way. Occasionally, one could even bring them together on a given theme. For my part, I regularly followed the teaching of Jacques Lacan, especially in his seminars, from 1960 to 1967. Otherwise, I had what I could call amicable relations with him until 1967 when I felt the need to take my distance from him. If I frequented him assiduously between 1960 and 1967, I had many other occasions to retrace his path. I will begin with this, following with an analysis of the work of Donald Winnicott, the specicity of which is differentiated sharply from the thinking of Lacan and founds his own originality.