chapter  4
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Vicissitudes of the real: Working between Winnicott and Lacan

ByWinnicott and Lacan MARDY IRELAND

To further elaborate this middle pathway, this chapter focuses on the polyvalence of the word “real” and what it means for psychoanalytic work. To do so I will take the register of the real as dened by Lacan (1953b, 1978) and juxtapose it with Winnicott’s (1956, 1959) notion of how one becomes and feels real-letting the introductory quotations provide the contextual background. Two case vignettes will then be offered as a means to esh out this theoretical juxtaposition. Finally, it will be suggested that the dialectical tension between the developmental thrust of Winnicott and the structural approach of Lacan can be partially resolved through the creative coupling of their different uses of the term real.